Edinburgh, Scotland 16th - 19th July 2020

Edinburgh, Scotland
16th - 19th July 2020

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Festival Format

The Spoonful is an action-packed weekend so you may want to pace yourself. We have a lot in store for you including inspiring classes, fun competitions, great live music, whisky tasting, and the return of the Spoonful Mega Games.

The weekend is in your hands to do as little or as much as you want. This includes the workshop class schedule, which is Choose Your Own Adventure. This means you can select the class that interests you most in the moment (with the help of the descriptions provided in the Guide).

If you are signed up as a Switch Dancer you can choose to either lead or follow on a per class basis (as instructed by your teachers). As a switch dancer, your role is to help create a good balance of leaders and followers in each class.

Every class has a level (1, 2 or 3 Spoon difficulty rating) so make sure you choose a class that is appropriate to your experience & skill level so that you (and everyone else) can get the most out of it! 

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Ticket Info

This year, we’re introducing a tiered pricing system in an effort to make the event as accessible as possible.

Full Pass (Workshops Fri, Sat & Sunday and Parties Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

  • £180 (Patron – for those who can afford to help support dancers with lower incomes)
  • £165 (Regular – for most people)
  • £140 (Concession – for students, pensioners and others on low incomes)

Party Pass (Thursday, Fri, Sat & Sun parties, including entrance to competitions and Mega Games)
£65 (Limited number available) 



Your Visit


Edinburgh is a special place; a small and ancient city of cobbled streets and wynds with great shopping, bars and eateries and plenty of things to do. The castle and a volcano sit smack-bang in the heart of the city and look out onto The North sea and The Firth of Forth.

We are a passionate community of friendly dancers with real a love for blues, and we’ll look after you from the moment you touch down to when you collapse in a tired, happy, blues-filled heap.


Edinburgh flats are small so people have limited space! Unfortunately, this means we have very limited hosting spaces and we want to allocate them to the folks that need them most. If you need hosting to be able to attend the festival, you can request as part of the registration process.

Edinburgh blues dancers we need you!

Some dancers who are coming to The Spoonful will only be able to come if they are hosted. Can you offer a spare bed, sofa or floorboard? Guests don’t need much, a hot shower and a cup of tea. They can bring their own sleeping bags etc if required. Most will arrive on the Thursday and leave either on Sunday night or Monday morning. Hosting is a fantastic way to meet new friends who have a common interest in blues dancing.

So when you register, please let us know how many guests you can host – you’ll have a place in our hearts forever!


Our workshop venues are in Inverleith in the north of the city, and we party at The Halls at the foot of Leith Walk (see our map).

Inverleith, Botanic Gardens, Ferry Road, Warriston or Leith are all suitable areas and well connected by public transport. Perhaps pool together with other dancers and get an AirBnB near the workshops or along the road near the parties? Last year many dancers organised on Facebook.

Safer Spaces Policy

The spoonful gals want this to be a fantastic weekend for everyone involved. Check out how you can be a great Spoonfuller with our safer space policy/code of conduct.


Please note:

  • We have now SOLD OUT of social passes – you can still sign up for social passes but you will join the waiting list.
  • We are now operating a wait list for FULL PASS follows

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Switch: You are comfortable in either role and are happy to help balance follows and leads in classes and parties

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Lunch will be provided by Hendersons again this year (see details here) and will cover Friday and Saturday lunches (We will start late on Sunday this year).

Whisky Tasting*:

Whisky tasting will be run on Saturday night at 8.30pm, getting you all warmed up for the short walk to the party!

Spoonful T-shirt*:

Sizing and details


Edinburgh flats are small so people have limited space! Unfortunately, this means we have very limited hosting spaces and we want to allocate them to the folks that need them most - please consider this when requesting hosting.

If you can host or have requested hosting, please let us know if you intend to stay late at the all night party so we can do our best to match like-minded people

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Do you agree to our Terms & Conditions which includes our data protection policy, details of our cancellation/refund cancellation policy and The Spoonful Code of Conduct which all attendees must adhere to

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The Spoonful gals are striving to make this the friendliest, most awesome event we can.  We’ve taken our combined 18 years of blues experience and our favourite things from the hundreds of events we’ve been to, and packed all that goodness plus a whole lotta love into a four day festival that celebrates everything that makes blues dancing so special.

The Spoonful is all about traditional blues music, excellent classes from the most fun and talented teachers, competitions so welcoming that everybody can take part, and bringing the blues community together for one helluva party in our home of Scotland. We can’t wait to see you on the dancefloor!






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