COVID19 Update – Event Cancelled

Dear Spoonfullers, steady yourselves… We have some sad news. The Spoonful gals have taken the very tough decision to cancel The Spoonful 2020.

A huge amount of work has already gone into planning and we’re really sad about it, but we’ve chosen to make the decision before we commit any further. Cancelling early relieves the uncertainty for everyone and allows us to minimise costs and maximise refunds.

Although it’s 4 months away, we wouldn’t be able to put plans into place until the quarantine is over, which at present seems likely to be June at the earliest. One month isn’t enough time for us to pull together 4 months of work for such a big event. It’s also possible that 200 people-size events will still be banned in July and we want to avoid cancelling at the last minute with dancers losing out on travel and accommodation costs.

We will be providing refunds to people who have already paid for their passes and we will soon send out a link to a refund form so you can pass on your bank details for transfer.

Running an event like The Spoonful has many non-refundable upfront costs and to provide everyone with a full refund will mean that we would have to dig into the Spoonful’s small reserves to cover this year’s loss. Our instructors, for whom teaching is their main job, have also lost this source of income at a time when many events have had to be cancelled. Therefore, we will be asking people who can afford it if they would like to donate some portion of their refund in order to minimise our loss, to allow us to keep running The Spoonful in the future, and to provide some payment to teachers to keep them going through this period.

We’re sorry that we won’t see you in Edinburgh this year, but we hope that means you will party even harder when you come and see us next year, right?

Big hugs to everyone out there. Stay safe and hopefully we’ll be back in 2021 to do The Spoonful with full force!

Posted March 30, 2020