Special Guest Classes

Spoonful 2017 has an excellent line-up of specialist classes (even if we do say so ourselves), whether you want to give your body a little extra TLC, try out a different dance style, or shake what yo’ mama gave you with some hula hooping; we’ve got you covered.



Gilles – Get your body ready

How do we prepare for a weekend of dance? Let’s see how gentle movement, touch, imagery and anatomical knowledge can help us move for longer with ease and less pain!

Andrada – Dancing… Inside Out

Disclaimer: this choreography taster might throw you at the deep(er) end. But fear not! Come join me on the adventure of creating a choreography, from an idea to a full-blown flash performance (wink-wink). “But why inside out?” you think. Because most of us are used to hearing a song and dancing to it and creating amazing dances on the spot. Not in this class; we’ll do it the other way around. Start with a theme, create movement that expresses it, and then develop our little creation into a dance that is not only amazing, but also tells a story.

Sigga & Jason – Balboa 101

One of Sigga’s not too secret identities is as a balboa dancer and she’s very excited to share her love of bal at the Spoonful. If you’ve been curious about balboa come along and learn some of the fundamentals with comparisons and contrast to blues technique to speed up learning this quick-paced, close embrace and footwork focused swing dance with Sigga and Jason!

Melody – Spoons Full of Consent Culture: safer spaces in our communities

What’s all this ‘Safer Spaces’ lark that seems so fashionable these days? How do I say ‘no’ to a dance? How should you deal with a dodgy character in your community? What even is a ‘code of conduct’ ? This interactive (no boring lectures here!) workshop will provide a space for dancers, teachers and scene leaders alike to discuss and find solutions to these issues. We’ll have you reflecting on personal boundaries on the ‘cool-o-meter’, getting ideas from others on how best to deal with problematic situations in small group discussions and practicing the best way to deal with those hard interactions we sometimes come face-to-face with through scenario role-play. The aim is that you’ll go away feeling more confident in confronting those tricky moments yourself and better armed to help to make your dance community a happy, safe and inclusive place for everybody. Also, resting those tired feet a little after a hard night’s Spoonful dancing sounds good for a taster, amiright?




Lauren -BodyCare for Blues Dancers: Volume III

In this is third instalment of Bodycare for D​ancers we will​ build upon concepts of biomechanical alignment, muscle imbalance, dance-specific anatomy, and provide helpful information surrounding injury prevention, strengthening, and flexibility for dancers of all kinds. Furthermore, I will be open to requests for discussing specific injuries or musculoskeletal issues in order to tailor the class more specifically to those attending. Expect a fun-filled and informative session with plenty of student participation!

Aurelie – Singing together: good vibrations

A class for everybody to connect the voice to the body! We’ll go through some vocal technique basics (breathing, anchoring, vocal placement) culminating in a group rendition of a classic blues song!

Olga – Think Inside The Box!

In this class we will focus on small moves with big impact. Confined to a restricted floor area (a box outline of 1.5ft x 1.5ft) we’ll learn turns and footwork variations. These skills can be utilised while dancing solo or with a partner on crowded dance floors, or when the music might call for a certain subtlety of movement.

Kim – Hula Hooping!

Spend an hour playing with a child’s toy! Join Kim for a hula hoop taster class – suitable for complete beginners. You’ll learn how to pick the hoop up off the floor (a crucial skill), then get the hoop going on-body (waist, hips and chest), off-body (getting the hands, arms and legs involved) and finish with some fancy tricks! Hoops will be provided.




Seb & Lauren – Tangled Up in Blues

Fancy trying a new dance style? Lauren and Seb will introduce you to some classic and nuevo elements of Argentine tango with ganchos, boleos, and ochos!

Carla – Thai-style massage

Give those dancing muscles a rest and a re-charge as you learn how to give and experience receiving a Thai Massage treatment. No oils or lotions are used and recipients remain fully clothed. This ancient healing art combines compression and acupressure techniques with assisted yoga poses. It relieves tight muscles and restrictions in the body, freeing your movement and bringing increased awareness and relaxation to you on a physical and mental level.

Anna & Ryan – Blues Idiom Smorgasbord

Blues dancing as we recognise it today combines influences from a collection of distinct historical blues idiom dances that were specific to a place, time and style of music. In our lesson we will cover 3 different idiom dances for both ballroomin’ and jookin’. We will cover the historical background, the cultural assumptions on leading and following, and where there are opportunities for both partners to add their own styling and voice.

Gordon – Foundation Hugging Practicals

Whether on or off the dance floor, sometimes people like to squeeze their bodies together. In this class we will explore the ways to make this a more pleasurable experience for everyone. There will be practical exercises on the psychology of touch, and how to set our boundaries and have them respected. Whether you love a cuddle puddle, or are fed up with people touching you without permission (or both), this class will cater to you! There may or may not also be chocolate.

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