Special Guest Teachers

The Spoonful is over-the-moon to announce our Special Guest teachers for 2016! Some of our friends and dance floor favourites are flying in from around the globe to share their passion with us.


Blues Focus

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 13.54.40Olga Seleznova (Dublin): Creativity, Isolated
Straight out of winning 1st place in the Feelin’ Blues Rising Teacher Contest and teaching at ESBF for the first time, Olga will be combining technique and loads of fun in this creativity class.

Agnieszka & Konrad (Warsaw): Tension and release in the blues dialogue

Fireballs of energy, Agnieszka & Konrad, will be exploring tension and release for leaders and followers in this advanced-level class.


Body Care Focus

Body Care classes
Have you ever felt just a little bit broken after a dance weekend..? Us too! The Spoonful Gals want you to leave Edinburgh full of joy & well-being! That’s why we’re dedicating time everyday to looking after ourselves as dancers with our series of specialist body care classes.

Katy Cooper (London): You only get one body – take care of it!

Lauren Fekete (Scotland/USA): Body care for blues dancers

Vera & Gilles (Switzerland): Take care of yourself, take care of your dance


Try something new!

Screen Shot 2016-06-01 at 13.39.11
Fancy trying something a bit different… perhaps brushing up your hugging technique, learning some sweet leg massage, or learning how to climb on people..? We’ve got you covered!

Carla Baldwin-Campbell (Glasgow): Leg Massage

Gordon McCormick (Dublin): A Dance of Cuddles

Casmira & Bob (Dundee/London): Acroyoga