The Spoonful has a tiered pricing system to make the event as accessible as possible. We anticipate most people will go for the Regular tickets, and those who can afford to may chip in a little extra using Patron tickets to cover our concessions (available for those on low incomes, students, and pensioners).

If our concession price is outside your budget, contact us directly as we have a small number of scholarship passes available.

Speaking of which, this year we have a Scholarship Fund that the community can contribute to so that more dancers who otherwise couldn’t afford the event get to attend. If we get more contributions that are needed for scholarships, any excess funds will go to the Scottish charity Indepen-dance, supporting disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy, express, and fulfill their potential through dance (

The Parent Pass is back with updated rules.


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If you are choosing to switch it up, you'll be able to choose your role for each class individually. We assume that where there are large imbalances for a particular class, 'switch it up' dancers will balance out the class and that you'll dance roughly equal follow and lead at the social dances.


If you're sharing pass as a parent/carer, tell us who you're sharing with (full name).
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The festival is choose your own adventure style so you can choose your classes on the day. Please give us an idea of your general level just for planning purposes.

Scholarship Fund

Would you like to donate to the Spoonful Scholarship Fund to allow more low income dancers to attend?

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Whisky tasting will be held saturday night at 8:15pm before the main party

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