Ticket Prices

The Spoonful has a tiered pricing system to make the event as accessible as possible.

Full Pass (Workshops Fri, Sat & Sunday and Parties Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday)
£145 (Concession)
£180 (Regular)
£197 (Patron)

We anticipate most people will go for the Regular tickets, and some of you might be able to chip in a little extra (Patrons) to cover our Concessions (which are available for those on low incomes, students and pensioners).

All of this is run on an honour system – we trust our dancers to choose fairly; balancing what you can afford with supporting the event and fellow dancers :heart:

If our Concession price is outside your budget, contact us direct as we have a small number of scholarship passes available.

Speaking of which, this year we have a Scholarship Fund that the community can contribute to so that more dancers who otherwise couldn’t afford the event get to attend. If we get more contributions that are needed for scholarships, any excess funds will go to Scottish charity indepen-dance, supporting disabled and non-disabled people to enjoy, express, and fulfil their potential through dance (

“Parent” Pass: 2 caregivers sharing 1 pass

The Parent Pass is back with updated rules. The Parent pass is for dancers with young children that need constant care; pay for a single event pass that you share with your partner so one is caring for the baby while the other dances. Solo parents can team up with another solo parent. Parent passes use the tiered pricing system and are available for full workshop passes.

What if I just want to party?
We’ll be releasing a small batch of party passes (£80) which cover all parties (Thursday – Sunday) plus competition entry. These are gonna sell fast. (edited)